Zen-Noh Group

GrainCorp has formed a strategic joint venture with major Japanese agricultural cooperative, Zen-Noh Grain Corporation, to create GrainsConnect Canada – a highly-efficient grain supply chain that is connecting your grain to the world.

Zen-Noh Group is a federation of agricultural cooperatives in Japan. Since its establishment in 1972 it has grown into one of the largest cooperatives in the world, valued at over 100+ billion yen and supplying products and services to its 1,000+ member cooperative unions in Japan and internationally.

The Zen-Noh Group is responsible for supplying food products to consumers across Japan, Asia and other regions. The Group accounts for a major share of food production and supply in Japan. Its operations also include fertilizer, agrichemicals, energy, and a wide variety of other products and services.

Zen-Noh’s goal is for all member cooperative unions to work together to increase their production efficiency and improve their economic position.