UFA & Grainsconnect Canada Premium Program

Save on seed, sell at a premium. GrainsConnect Canada (GCC) and UFA are excited to introduce a new program for producers to help you maximize your returns.

Contact your UFA Representitive

Contact your UFA Representative

GCC to purchase crop above bid price

GCC to purchase crop above bid price

Determine your shipment window

Determine your shipment window

Seed rebate paid out August 2021

Seed rebate paid out August 2021

Huxley Premium Program

Step One

  • Work with your UFA Customer Account Manager to determine the right seed for your farm’s growing conditions.
  • Receive a rebate of up to $12/bag on seed purchases through UFA.
  • Together with your Merchant at GCC establish a total contracted quantity of acres. Receive $5/MT above posted bid prices for canola. You decide and control the acres contracted.

Step Two

  • If the contracted acres seeded with UFA purchased seed meet or exceed the contracted specifications, GCC will purchase the crop for $5/MT above the posted bid price (not including specials).
  • Additional yields over agreed tonnage per acre have the opportunity to qualify for the $5 premium above posted bid.
  • Canola specifications: #1 Canola as per CGC Specs.

Step Three

  • For canola, 80% of contracted tonnes are executed evenly in prescribed shipment windows, producers determine the month when they want their acres priced.
  • Within each window, there is the option to distribute the remaining 20% of the contracted tonnes. GCC will call for delivery of tonnes in each contracted shipment window.

Step Four

  • The seed rebate of up to $12/bag will be paid in August 2021, based on bags of seed purchased from UFA.
  • The seed rebate is in addition to any grower programming rebates or potential patronage dividends declared on seed purchases.
GrainsConnect Canada
Delivery Premium
Canola Seed Rebate
$5.00/MT 0-32 Bags $8.00/Bag
33-64 Bags $10.00/Bag
64+ Bags $12.00/Bag

Program Benefits

  • Peace-of-mind marketing contract to access global markets
  • Assured premium when growing with UFA and GCC
  • Expert knowledge to help maximize your yield
  • Competitive pricing/return
PRIVACY NOTICE: Producer information may be collected and used by GrainsConnect Canada and UFA, and exchanged between them, to facilitate the Premium Program. By opting to participate in the Premium Program, the participating producer consents to the collection and use of their personal information by GrainsConnect Canada and UFA, and to the disclosure of this information between them, for this purpose in accordance with GrainsConnect Canada and UFA’s respective Privacy Policies and applicable law.