October 21, 2020

United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative and GrainsConnect Canada Introduce Premium Canola Program

Calgary, Alberta — United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative (UFA), together with GrainsConnect Canada (GCC), announce a partnership that brings grain growers an exciting new opportunity with a premium.

This pilot program offers growers the chance to maximize their returns on their 2021 canola crop with a discount of up to $12 per bag on UFA seed and $5/MT above posted bid prices from GCC.

“UFA is proud to partner with GCC who shares similar values and a commitment to local communities,” says Scott Bolton, President & CEO of UFA. “Through our joint efforts, we will be able to provide greater support and returns for local growers.”

“As a co-operative, UFA is committed to delivering exceptional value to our members. Each year we challenge ourselves to discover new opportunities to enhance the overall value of the products and services we provide,” says Rob Giguere, VP, Commercial AgriBusiness. “With the introduction of this pilot program, canola growers will receive expert advice and support from the moment they purchase seed at UFA continuing right through to market with GCC.”

Working with a UFA Customer Account Manager provides growers access to the top canola varieties, carefully selected for growing conditions in their area, along with the supporting inputs to maximize yields. Growers will also receive a rebate of up to $12 per bag, in addition to any grower reward programs they may qualify for. Signing a production contract with GCC ensures competitive market pricing and a $5/MT premium on matching acres of canola seed.

“GCC is focused on providing grain growers with more than just a bid,” says Warren Stow, President GrainsConnect Canada. “Our combination of local knowledge with global insights provide more choice, more competition and more value for their grain. We’re excited to partner with UFA and extend an opportunity to their members to access global markets and receive a competitive return.”

Today, more than ever, UFA Co-operative is grateful for farmers and ranchers who grow food when it’s needed most, this partnership is another way that UFA is helping its members Get it. Done.

The pilot program is currently only available through the GrainsConnect Canada Huxley terminal for the 2021 growing season.

Corporate Contact:

Joyce Dorais
GrainCorp Canada
+1 403 863 3540