Are You Connected?

GrainsConnect Canada is home to Canada’s most efficient grain supply chain, built to deliver Western Canadian grain growers more choice, more competition and more value for their grain.

Our game-changing model connects historically important growing regions in Alberta and Saskatchewan to global markets through the state-of-the-art facilities that boast 134-car rail loops.

Through our expert team of local merchants and their involvement at all GrainsConnect facilities, we can offer easily-understood terms, service and competitive prices.

Connecting you to competitive prices

Get more for your grain.

Local merchants at GrainsConnect are committed to delivering value to the growers of Alberta and Saskatchewan – they will actively compete to connect your grain to existing demand around the world through the GrainsConnect supply chain.

Armed with local knowledge and global insights, our merchants will provide more value than just a bid. Meet with your local GrainsConnect merchant to discover more about our fair and transparent trading terms, as well as our value-added services.

And once you deliver your grain into one of GrainsConnect’s state-of-the-art elevators, you will receive fast and seamless payment.

Connecting you to global markets

Our speed and efficiency is your competitive edge.

With market-leading rail loading capabilities, our facilities will load a 134-car locomotive in under 14 hours. Shorter loading time, combined with more frequent rail movements, gives you more opportunity to access global demand. This means our merchants can offer you more competitive prices for your grain.

No commitment sampling and grading

Speak to your local merchant about getting your grain sampled and graded at our sites. It’s free and easy – and doesn’t lock you into any commitment to sell to us.

Our advantage

Easy to deal with

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fair and transparent
  • Local knowledge, global expertise
  • Successful generation programs with growers

Game-changing efficiency

  • Fast, reliable loading and unloading capabilities
  • High capacity with multiple segregations
  • Robust sample testing programs
  • Quality assurances

Canada - Asia Pacific network

  • Access to global demand
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Joint venture partnerships
  • Investments by global players

Connecting Asia Pacific Customers

Do you need improved access to Western Canadian grain? What about leveraging Canada's most efficient supply chain? You've got it!

GrainsConnect Canada, is your source for Western Canadian grain and a range of value-added benefits.

Robust grower generation programs - quality standards

Merchants and terminal teams work closely with growers to educate them on market dynamics, global trends and other requirements of end-use customers. Testing begins with growers and merchants prior to contract agreements. Further testing is done at our terminals during collection and additional testing by third-party assurance professionals at port. Our merchant and terminal teams are experts in the local market, and our inside edge not only benefits growers but also helps end-use customers gain access to these growers.

Innovation at every turn

Cutting edge logistics and our efficient supply chain make the difference. Intelligently positioned grain terminals in favorable Alberta and Saskatchewan locations, contracted rail capacity, and port advantages have positioned GrainsConnect attractively among customers seeking quality Western Canadian grain seed. GrainsConnect is not burdened by legacy systems and aging infrastructure. We developed our system concurrently and to stringent standards that benefit the producer and the customer.

Our Mission

At GrainsConnect Canada we exist to help the family farm. We’re growers too and we understand the importance and value of a partner. As a team, we’re proud to contribute to the economic growth in the communities where we work. By hiring local merchants and supporting community initiatives, we don’t just do business in these areas but become part of the family farm. We will work to become your number one partner.