GrainsConnect Canada provides access to an online optimization and farm management tool for farmers, the GrainsConnect App, free for growers! The GrainsConnect App provides smarter, faster and more informed decisions for grower operations. See your scale tickets, check pricing, fulfillment on contracts, view market data and much more.

Contact your merchant today for more information on how the GrainsConnect App can make a difference to your farming operation.

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The Grains Connect App


  • See pricing and specials
  • Track and administer contracts with your merchant
  • Track actual yield and digitized real-time scale tickets
  • Check the percentage fulfilled towards contracts
  • Business information any time of the day, from anywhere

“Launching the GrainsConnect app to area growers provides even more efficiency to an already streamlined process. We know that time is an incredibly valuable asset, and we want to demonstrate our commitment to growers by providing a tool that supports their daily operations.”

- Warren Stow, President of GrainsConnect Canada


The app will increase efficiency by offering a number of services to growers, including access to timely pricing and specials available in the area. Additionally, the app will provide a platform to manage and administer contracts, track yield and produce real-time scale tickets, and check contract fulfillment between growers and merchants. Providing business information at any time of day and from any location is intended to increase efficiency and empower growers to make informed decisions for their business.

Check futures at a glance

Compare prices month-to-month

Ditch paper scale tickets

Real-time inventory insight

See scale ticket details

View contract details